5 Things to Do If You Are Near Bankrupt

Debts are one of the major things that everyone wants to void if possible. However, in most cases, especially in business, it seems almost impossible to do that. One of the reasons everyone avoids debts by all means possible is their consequences, as it can be damaging to an individual’s mental and psychological health and a business’ growth.

One of the skills that every business owner who does not want to file bankruptcy in the US must note is their management skills. That is, the utmost importance and attention should get given to wealth management through management services.

Besides doing that, you can also look up luminablog, a place to learn more about other brands and businesses. That way, you will also get equipped with more knowledge regarding the importance of reviews and feedbacks to business’ success, especially if you are near bankrupt. Besides these, you may also continue with this article to learn basic tips to help you avoid going completely bankrupt and assist you in this current state.

1.  Income Increase

One of the major things to do if you are near bankrupt is to increase your income. The maximization of your income levels at this point is very crucial to pay your debts. If possible, it would be best to consider picking up an extra hour at work, get a part-time job, get a good-paying job, or start a side business that will serve as an additional way of getting more income.

2.  Negotiate and Compromise

Another thing that you can do at this point is to negotiate with your creditors. The interesting thing is that most of these creditors are willing to reach a reasonable compromise with you as they understand that times are hard due to the pandemic’s effects. Therefore, it would be best to negotiate with creditors and see if it is possible to work some things out.

3.  Review of Spending Patterns

Reviewing your spending patterns is another significant way to try to help yourself from going bankrupt. This review means that you write out your budget in order of priority and then try as much as possible to narrow your spending patterns within that working budget. This review may involve cutting down on the things you buy, registering in the gym, amongst other things.

4.  Seek Professional Help

Nothing beats seeking professional help and counseling during this period. Therefore, you need to engage a professional who understands what bankruptcy is and what it means to file for bankruptcy in the US. The necessary steps to take to ensure you do not completely go bankrupt.

Getting professional help or counsel may also go a great deal to ensure that you review your finances and get enough clarity on how things should go. Your credit counselor may also stand in for you during negotiations with your creditors. Thus, reaching a reasonable negotiation with the creditors to allow you to pay off your debts conveniently.

5.  Settling Debts

Although settling your debts may not be the ideal solution when you are almost facing bankruptcy. However, it is also a good solution. Settling your debts entails paying a percentage of the total amount after a settlement agreement is already made. The downside to settling debts is that you have to pay the fee or rate agreed upon in a lump-sum payment.


Now that you have enough knowledge about what to do if you are near bankrupt, you can stop yourself from filing for bankruptcy. This may also mean that you have the right steps to help you save your business from going bankrupt.